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Terms of Use

About Our Privacy Policy

NiKKi Fron Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, NiKKi Fron) considers the protection of users’ privacy to be of the utmost importance, and every care is taken, to safeguard users’ privacy.

Personal information that is acquired on the NiKKi Fron official website (whose URL is and its subordinate individual websites (hereinafter, NiKKi Fron Website) as well as NiKKi Fron’s businesses, is safeguarded under the laws and regulations protecting personal information by taking proper measures against leakage, loss, damage, and illegal access.

Please see the Privacy Policy for details.

Copyright Information

All contents, articles, photos, and videos hosted on the NiKKi Fron Website may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted, or distributed without permission.

About linked Websites

Please contact us about your website before linking to our website. The URL of the NiKKi Fron website may be subject to change. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

We shall not permit links from any websites which slander either ourselves or others, promote misconceptions, or are offensive to public order or morals.

The contents of the third party’s websites (hereinafter, linked website) that are linked from and to the Nikki Fron website are managed by and are the responsibility of each linked website’s company. The use of linked websites shall be according to their conditions of use and copyright. NiKKi Fron accepts no responsibility for any content of linked websites or any damage caused by the use of them.


We may reply to users’ who have contacted us through their private email addresses for the purpose of responding to their inquiries, but alternatively, we may respond by telephone or letter. It may take time to respond to any inquiries, and depending on the type of inquiry, we may not respond. We apologize in advance.

We would appreciate that any users who would like to contact us shall inform us of their correct email address. If given the wrong address, we may be unable to respond to inquiries. The content of any email responses retain our copyright, and it may not be transmitted in any manner without NiKKi Fron’s permission.


NiKKi Fron posts information on its Website with the utmost care.

However, there is the possibility that incorrect expressions or typos in the information on the Website may appear due to technical or time factors. Though we strive to be as accurate as possible, NiKKi Fron can not guarantee the perfection, correctness, the most updated, usefulness, or compatibility of various services provided on the Website. In addition, we shall take no responsibility for any accidents to software or hardware caused while using the Website, troubles caused between users or a user and a third party, or other damage caused by other accidents.
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