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Industry- Academia- Government Cooperation

Industry- Academia- Government Cooperation
Waseda University The University of Tokyo Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Tokyo University of Science Business Cooperative Innovation Project (B-cip Nagano) Daikin Industries, Ltd. Mitsui Chemicals, INC.

Industry- Academia- Government Cooperation

NiKKi Fron unites positively with academic organizations and executive departments as well as central and local enterprises to promote research of new technologies and to create new concepts.

Collaboration with the industrial world and enterprises

Activities locally and abroad in the industrial world

NiKKi Fron group, a member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Nagano Chamber of Commerce and Industry actively exchanges views with other members and seeks chances for collaboration so as to strengthen industrial collaboration in a global business base. At various exhibitions sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, NiKKi Fron set up a special booth, and we extensively publish our products’ concepts and technology for the future potential of our company.

Activities in the industrial world in Nagano

Business Cooperative Innovation Project (B-cip Nagano)

This project started on March 14, 2009, to co-create a new business model in the Nagano area with the members of 9 companies from different business models. They participated in the “UFO Nagano manufacturing co-creation cram-school’s MANAGEMENT PRACTICE COURSE” in 2008, the business activity of the steering committee of Nagano City manufacturing support center. Three more companies, which emerged from the second term of the Management Practice Course, joined this project in 2010.

Senior adviser Professor Kiyoto Yamazawa, the president of Shinshu University
(12 companies)
NiKKi Fron Inc.
Ikeda Engineering Inc.
Shinshu Togakushi Soba Co., Ltd.
Shinano Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Hybrid Japan Co., Ltd.
Hokushin Hanpu Co., Ltd.
Inada Seisakujo inc.
Excel Co., Ltd.
Kyoka Printing Co., Ltd.
Takeuchi Seisakujo inc.
Echizenya Co., Ltd.
Nagano Kikou Co., Ltd.
Business Activities Promote research and development by collaborating with industry-academia-government and contributing to the revitalization of the regional and local enterprises
Product development Produce products by using waste
Development of basic air conditioning equipment by using geothermal heat systems
Creation of new businesses Research the organization form and the business conditions by companies of different business types

Cooperation with science organizations and local academic organizations

Central Science Organizations

? Cooperation in the next generation humanoid robot development of the University of Tokyo graduate school
- Our study results of the frame parts was released at the Robotics and Mechatronics Conference in 2008

?Cooperation in the new functional compound material development of the University of Tokyo
?Cooperation in the life support robot development of Waseda University
?Cooperation in the next-generation humanoid robot development of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
?Construction of manufacturing network with Tokyo University of Science graduate school
?Having periodic meetings with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Independent Administrative Corporation)

Local academic organizations

?Establishment of a manufacturing salon in Shinshu University
?Cooperation in the new compound material development and the establishment of recycling techniques for PTFE of Shinshu University
?Strengthening technology and personnel training with Nagano National College of Technology
- Conducting joint research on advanced processing techniques.

Cooperation with the administration

Cooperation with Nagano City in 2007 (Research and development subsidy)

?Reduction of cost by overseas raw materials
?Reduction of manufacturing cost by optimizing the baking conditions
?Reduction of manufacturing cost by the technology of processing

Cooperation with Nagano City in 2007 (Creation of support subsidy for growth industry)

? Technological establishment of advanced PTFE by optimizing the conditions of manufacturing
- Technological establishment of high crystallization PTFE manufacturing
- Improvement of chemical resistance and structure

Cooperation with Nagano City in 2009 (Research and development subsidy)

? Establishment of recycling technology of sintering PTFE and the usage development of recycle products
- Scientifically and physically analyze the waste of PTFE, which are mostly buried
- Establish recycling technology from the analytical results
- Develop the usage of the PTFE recycle products by utilizing their characteristics

Media Coverage

Business Cooperative Innovation Project (B-cip Nagano)
Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kouzai Laboratory