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NiKKi Fron offers a working place where you can use your talent to the fullest.

We want to hire personnel who:

Are highly motivated and positive workers
Want to fully demonstrate their expertise
Look for work related to other countries
Want to acquire original skills and to be independent in the future

new graduates in 2010
University: \197,000 / Technical college: \190,000 / High school: \156,000
- Extra allowance is given to those hired in Tokyo
- Extra allowance is given to those who possess specific skills

Negotiation is possible for those who want to be hired mid-year.
Promotion of salary
Once a year, in May
Twice a year, in July and December
Perquisite diligence, transportation allowance, managerial allowance, dependent family allowance and others
Working hours
8:30 to 17:30 (one hour break)
Days off
2 days per week, Annual total days off: 115 days according to company calendar
Paid holiday, congratulatory and condolatory leaves, family health care leave, child-care leave
Welfare program
Various social insurance, dormitory, company trips
Our original pension system
(Pension money of \20,000 to \30,000 will be provided to those who worked more than 25 years, as our honorary employee)
Various on-the-job training both inside and outside the company is provided
Study program in other companies We introduce a mutual study program between our staff and major chemical enterprises. Thus, you will be able to experience even compounding process of functional resin such as fluoroplastics in a practical training environment.
Study program between industry and academia We put our energy and resources into fostering our young researchers by sending them to the University of Tokyo, Waseda University, and Shinshu University with which we set up co-development themes such as development of functional compound materials and development of humanoid robot parts.
Employment opportunities
Employees urgently needed: FRP and other composite materials experienced designer

The following are other employment positions:
- Development: material designer, contour designer, mechanism designer
- Technique Sales
- Production Management
- Financial Affairs, General Affairs
- Secretarial work
- Intellectual property
- Public information, Public Relations
- Manufacturing (cutting machine work, welding)
Past employment results
Graduates from: Keio University, Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Shinshu University, University of Toyama, Ibaraki University, Tokyo University of Science, Meiji University, Rikkyo University, Hosei University, Shibaura Industry of Technology, Nihon University, Kogakuin University, Shonan Institute of Technology, Nagano Prefectural College, Seisenjogakuin College, Nagano National College of Technology, Nagano Technical High School, Nakano Rishikan High School

The following universities and colleges are ranked high among our employees: Shinshu University, Nagano National Technology and Science College
Please contact the following for further details:
Head office/ Administration office, Personnel/General affairs section, in charge of employment
Tel: 026-296-9031 fax: 026-296-7140
Media Coverage

Business Cooperative Innovation Project (B-cip Nagano)
Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kouzai Laboratory