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Privacy Policy

NiKKi Fron Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, our company) shall acquire personal information from services provided (accepted inquiries, requests for our materials) on our website (hereinafter, This Website). Collected personal information shall be used for the exact purposes stated below and will be handled in an appropriate manner.

1. Purpose of Use

Personal information shall be used for the purpose of introducing customers to the company’s products, services, related information or to request the provision of customers’ opinions or impression regarding our products and services.

2. Undisclosed personal information

We shall not provide collected personal information to any third party except in the following cases:
(1) If such provision is authorized by law or ordinances etc.
(2) If the consent of the individual in question is obtained or the limited situations where we must disclose.
(3)In order to promote an appropriate response, personal information may be provided or disclosed to subcontractors or the company shall enter into contracts with such subcontractors, regarding the handling of personal information.

3. The revision of collected personal information

Requests for alternation, confirmation, revision, or deletion of personal information, inquiries shall in principle be limited. The company shall make an appropriate response only when it is possible for the company to confirm that the contacting party is the individual in question or their proxies.

4. Management of personal information

The company strictly manages personal information and shall devise efficient and appropriate measures and implementations in order to prevent risks such as loss, divulgence, abuse, alteration, etc.

5. Revision of privacy policy

With the handling of collected personal information, the contents of these policies may be revised to deal with modifications in laws and ordinances to ensure our adherence to them.
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