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Functional polymer materials support global industries.
We pursue their infinite possibilities.

Widely used fluoroplastic-aplied products

With its superb heat-, weather-, and chemical-resistance characteristics, fluoroplastic-applied products, including the semiconductor-fabrication equipment parts, are widely used in various industrial fields, and its usage area is expanding further.

NiKKi Fron is a unique and rare manufacturer specializing in polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and other fluoroplastic-applied products, and has a completely in-house integrated manufacturing system to provide our customers with goods to meet the needs of advanced industries.

In response to increasingly diverse and complex customer needs, we are working on productivity improvement and the establishment of a strict quality control system. As part of our work, we opened the Shiga plant in 2000, featuring the Class-1000 cleanroom and the ultrasonic pure water washing equipment.

Now, we operate two production sites to cover our services nationwide: the Omachi and the Shiga plants. They are among the largest and the most advanced plants for the integrated production of PTFE in Japan.

NiKKi Fron provides you with the integrated service from material molding to product designing, processing, and manufacturing.

The in-house integrated manufacturing system was established to support manufacturing fluoroplastic-applied products, from design to material molding, firing, processing, and finishing. Introducing the most advanced equipment, NiKKi Fron has been improving our skills and technologies with cutting-edge material research and applied-technology trends. Therefore we can satisfy any needs of our customers, from single part production that requires particular specifications to mass production.

Applications of fluoroplastic products

Semiconductor Field
  • Parts of semiconductor-manufacturing machinery
  • PTFE containers for washing silicon wafers
  • Wafer carriers
  • Chemical containers, pipes, couplings, etc.

Automobile Field
  • Automobile parts
  • Seal rings for power steering
  • Fuel tubes
  • Oxygen sensors, etc.

Chemical Field
  • Chemical plants
  • Various PTFE linings
  • PTFE bellows
  • Valve bodies and valve sheets
  • Diaphragm, etc.

Manufacturing Process

Material Molding

Introducing advanced molding skills, technologies and know-how

Regular plastic products are manufactured by using the injection molding technology. On the other hand, in the case of fluoroplastic-applied products like PTFE, the molding material powders are compression-molded and heated in a firing furnace under strictly controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

In the process of this molding, products are supposed to be contracted when burned out; special designs worked out by experts who deeply understand the plastic characteristics, along with properly specified molding conditions, are essential to keep dimensional accuracy (tolerance). NiKKi Fron responds to your expectations with complete technical know-how of molding, which we have been acquiring since the very beginning of our business.

Our fluoroplastic-applied products require high-graded molding precision since they are used for semiconductor-manufacturing machinery and other equipment. Therefore the plants are equipped with cleanrooms, ultrasonic pure water washing units, and other facilities so that products can be molded in a sterile environment that does not allow exposure to even the slightest foreign object.



High-precision processing technology can be applied even to material that is hard to process, whether it requires high precision or its shape is elaborated.

Quite different from regular metal materials, fluoroplastic is a material that is hard to process; special know-how and excellent experience are essential to processing it.

In NiKKi Fron, precision cutting is achieved with the most advanced NC lathes in our machining center, an area where the ambient temperature is constantly controlled at 25 degrees centigrade. Thanks to the technology of CAD/CAM, even highly complicated three-dimensional shapes can be produced as a whole unit, without being dismantled into small pieces.

NiKKi Fron also applies bonding (welding and bonding) technology to fluoroplastic molded products. The quality of the bonded products is greatly valued in various fields, leading them to be widely used.



NiKKi Fron has been pursuing to provide high quality products under a controlled system of in depth inspections and assessment.

Fluoroplastic-applied products are expected to become more advanced and more diverse in performance and function. There are more than a few cases where extreme precision and quality is required as functional components for some usages.

To meet such needs, NiKKi Fron has established the most advanced environment of inspection and measurement by using a coordinate measuring machine and other equipment to keep the quality check system at the highest standard. In addition, we are thoroughly working on the standardization of products (tolerance) from designing, the very first stage of production, to establishing quality assurance procedures.

NiKKi Fron has acquired certifications of ISO9001 (2000), the internationally recognized standard for quality management, and ISO14001, the international standard of environmental management.

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