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FRP Department

Delivering technology with safety and security to worldwide markets

As the leading manufacturer of automobile clutch facings…

The FRP department produces clutch facings for both automobiles and industrial machinery and brake parts of vehicles.

A clutch facing is a friction material applied to the device that transmits and controls the power from an engine to the wheel drive system and is used for a manual transmission car. A clutch facing requires excellent performance and reliability to operate the wheel drive system effectively.

As the leading manufacturer in this field in Japan, our company provides a variety of line-ups to meet various usages and conditions required by diverse vehicles, such as sports cars, large vehicles, and industrial vehicles. We receive orders from all domestic automobile makers.

Our brake parts are also adopted in various fields from automobiles to heat insulators of brake pads for bullet trains. This fact proves the first-rate safety and performance quality of our products.

With our innovative production technology, we meet a wide range of needs from our customers.

A clutch facing is a crucial part to operate power transmission/control and it is indispensable to ensure absolute safety and reliability. Moreover, we are also required to handle issues, such as anti-noise measures, improvement of operability, and measures for environmental impacts. To address these issues, not only do we conduct performance evaluation tests under such critical conditions that it is impossible to employ a test driver or a full-scale car, but also we promote research and development of new materials.

In addition, as a manufacturer that provides integrated production of complete FRP products, we promote the use of alternative ecological resources and create products to satisfy the market needs.

As the foremost clutch-facing supplier in Japan, while we promise to secure its stable supply to the market in the future, we expect to increase our products share in overseas markets, especially in Asia where market expansion has been considerable.
Clutch facing

Applying the technology to produce durable phenol resins, we dedicate ourselves to develop new FRP products as well as brake peripherals with both insulation and anti-noise functions.

FRP (friction materials)

  • FRP for brakes of industrial vehicles
  • FRP for brakes of agricultural vehicles
  • Clutch facings with mold type

FRP friction materials for automobile, industrial machinery, and railway vehicles
Heat barrier materials,Insulation shim

  • Heat barrier materials
  • Insulation shim

Manufacturing process (clutch facing)

Impregnation ? Saturation ? Drying

Rolling up

Hot Pressing

Rough grinding  -Heating -  Finishing grinding


Performance Evaluation System

As for the performance evaluation test, various conditions are available: from low temperature to high temperature and slow-speed spinning to high-speed spinning. Considering all possible circumstances, we conduct efficiency evaluation tests of anti-friction and durability of our products.
Full-scale clutch tester

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