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Education Program

“An enterprise consists of people” “ Talented people are assets”

Our education program

As our company is a material manufacturer focusing on research and development, one can acquire skills and knowledge about materials, molding, processing, and quality control under our consistent production system.
We put our energy into fostering and educating personnel to be our company’s future leaders.

Employee Training

Employee training is held for recruits in the head office in Nagano.
Considering your past experience and assigned positions, individually guided programs with substantial content are offered to learn about functional resin as a core, in lectures and on-site training.

We offer training in various skills and a support system for those mainly working in the factories to acquire licenses.

Managerial Class Training

For those in managerial posts who teach and lead subordinates and recruits, several training programs are periodically provided for the purpose of self-development.

Globalized personnel development

We have a base not only in Japan but also in Thailand and France.
In the days of our ever-changing economy, we are planning to have a mutual study abroad program and a mutual training system in Thailand and France so that employees can broaden their outlook.

Open Training Session

Subject not only to our employees but also owners and those in the management of other companies, we offer Open Training Sessions with our original content based on our annual schedule.

This program was supported by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare under its “Small and medium-sized enterprises emergency employment promotion subsidy” and co-organized by the Japan Association of Mono Innovation, Nagano Business Innovation Project (B-cip Nagano), Nagano Prefectural Federation of Small Business Associations, and Nagano-CCI Multi-Enterprise Exchange Association. About 50 people, including our employees, participate in every session and actively exchange opinions and views.

Media Coverage

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