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Precision Machinery Assembly Department

Our original know-how which creates highly reliable and high quality assembling techniques and our full-fledged plant

Our precision injection molding assembly plant is a cooperative factory with Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines. We assemble various types of injection molding machines, both electrical and hydraulic.

Each injection-molding machine, consisting of about 3,000 parts, is customized according to the user’s environment for the equipment and the purpose of usage. Therefore, the assembly process must also be tailored to each individual unit. We assemble various-sized structural parts precisely and maintain our original high standard of process management and quality control. As a result, we have earned a high degree of trust from our customers.

Through our experiences and achievements in assembling injection molding machines we provide overhaul and maintenance work on the whole range of industrial machines utilizing our electrical equipment technology which correspond to oil hydraulic and air circuits. Our working space is equipped with a maximum 20-ton crane and other, various types of cranes to make it possible to deal with small to large products and work on special treatments such as coating and bonding.

As for our business performance to date, we assemble IC card manufacturing machines and printer units, and carry out coating work for construction materials.

Precision Machinery Assembly Department

Precision Machinery (or Instrument) Assembly Department

Our assembly technology demonstrates distinguished quality and great reliability to satisfy all customers' needs.

Assembly and production base of precision injection molding machines

As the subcontract factory of Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd, the leading manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines, we assemble and produce both electronic and hydraulic injection molding machines.

Injection molding machines as industrial manufacturing equipment should be customized according to each customer's facility requirements and purpose of use. In the process of assembly and production, craftsmanship to accommodate these particular requests is accordingly required. We develop our own process and quality control system to accurately assemble components amounting to a total of 3000 parts and deliver the finished products precisely on time in perfect condition.
Thanks to this system, we have an excellent reputation with our customers.


Precision instrument assembly process

Precision instrument assembly process

Unit or Assembly technology

Applications of the technology used to produce injection molding machines:

Overhaul or Maintenance

Based on the electrical technology to control oil pressure and pneumatic circuit, and autonomous technology to deal with heavy goods, we can provide overhaul and maintenance services of all ranges of industrial machinery.

New fields / Assembly technology

Energy-related field / Precision instrument field / Evaluation tests / Assembly of analytical instruments

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